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It is estimated that there are 357 million diabetics worldwide (doubled since 30 years ago).  Dr Wallach and Dr Glidden teaches us about Diabetes and his solution: what to avoid, and what to include by supplementing, including Chromium and Vanadium in these videos below.

According to Dr Wallach:

Type I Diabetes

Type I Diabetes, also called Juvenile Onset Type I Diabetes, usually occurs early in life as the body has a failure to produce Insulin as the Beta cells in the Pancreas have burned out and have lost their ability to produce Insulin. Type I’s are Insulin Dependent and have to inject Insulin every day. There is not yet any known therapy available to grow back the Beta cells in the Pancreas, however Dr Wallach, with scientific clinical nutrition, has been able to reduce the amount of Insulin that the Type I person has to take daily.

Type II Diabetes

Type II Diabetes is a problem absorbing blood sugar usually later in life, also called Adult Onset Type II Diabetes, Metabolic Syndrome, Insulin Resistance Syndrome, and Syndrome X. However, it is generally occuring at much earlier ages due to the progressive demineralization of our soils. In 1957 Dr Walter Mertz did reseach to eliminate Type II in Mice by supplementing with Chromium. USDA states that 90% of U.S. soils are deficient in Chromium, since the soil is deficient, people have Chromium deficienies. Dr Wallach discoved that in humans Chromium alone is not sufficient, and that there are 26 other co-factor nutrients needed for the body to achieve healthy blood sugar levels in normal and Type II people.

Symptoms of Type II include: (1) feeling very tired and/or sleepy within 30 – 45 minutes after eating a meal (more so eating foods rich in carbs, sugars and consuming alcohol), (2) falling asleep easy at bedtime but awakening after a few hours and feeling wide awake, and (3) tendency to gain weight around the abdomen. Without proper nutrients, the sugar in the blood cannot enter in through the receptors in the cells and the sugar builds up in the blood, and then the body makes more Insulin. So a Type II Diabetic has much more Insulin in their blood than a normal person does. This huge amount of sugar in the blood forces the sugar through the cell wall and damages it. This repetitive damaging of the cell walls leads to the loss of body parts such as toes, feet, legs, hands etc. and blindness of the eyes. Dr Wallach and Dr Glidden teach us that giving more Insulin to a Type II Diabetic only increases the loss of limbs and sight. The good news is, Dr Wallach and Dr Glidden have helped many Type II people gain normal blood sugar within a 9 to 12 week period by nutrifying their bodies with the recommended science based clinical nutrition developed by Dr Wallach, and then their cell receptors open and allow the insulin to let the sugar into the cells, achieving healthy blood sugar levels.

There are approximately 27 minerals and trace minerals, many plant derived, including especially Chromium and Vanadium, that are required for the body to metabolize blood sugar, and these are included in the Healthy Blood Sugar Pak, that Dr Wallach has formulated.

Learn about Diabetes, It’s Prevention and Reversal by Dr Joel Wallach:

Dr Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes and Recommendations:

According to Dr Wallach and Dr Glidden, to support and promote healthy blood sugar, these supplements give the body the nutrients that it needs.

Healthy Blood Sugar Pak (regular or 2.0) which includes:

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  • Beyond Osteo-Fx Liquid or Powder – 1 Fl Oz, or 1 Scoop per 100 lbs body weight per day
  • Ultimate EFA+ – 3 Caps per 100 lbs per day
  • Slender FX Sweet Eze – 4 Caps per 100 lbs body weight per day

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