Kenya Street Boys Fundraiser


I’m so honored to be partnering with Robert Borelli to bring awareness to the Kenya Street Boys Ministry. This is such a great cause!

We’ve made it really easy to help support this ministry! Over the next 7 days, by participating in this online fundraiser, you’ll learn about the extensive Youngevity product line and 30% of your purchase will be donated to the Kenya Street Boys Ministry.

On behalf of Robert & I, thank you in advance for considering making a purchase. Your support will guarantee this fundraiser for the Kenya Street Boys is a success!

Here is a little more about this ministry:

In November 2012, Robert traveled to Maai Mahiu town, Kenya as a part of a mission team. While there, he learned of the hardships of one of the countries most neglected people groups – pre-teen to teenage boys.

The reasons for their demise varied: death of parents due to AIDS; bad behavior; or simply because the parents couldn’t afford to feed one more child. As a result, these boys were forced into the streets to make it on their own.

Their stories of survival were even more heartbreaking. Just so they could buy food, some served as “pimps” for prostitutes and their customers; some even went as far as prostituting themselves. At times, many would have to rely on what they found in the garbage, or what they could steal.

Moved by their plight, Robert teamed up with Isaac Munji, pastor of Rift Valley Fellowship, a church located in that area. By February of 2013, Robert was able to send Pastor Isaac enough money to provide hot evening meals for the boys, five days a week, while sharing the gospel of Christ with them. A year after visiting Kenya, Robert held a fundraiser in honor of the street boys. Enough donations were collected to help provide meals for 29 boys and shelter four of them for an entire year.

This was a great accomplishment, but there is still much more to be done. Here are the goals:

Short term goals:

  • Continue to provide a nutritious hot meal every night for the boys
  • Provide shelter for all the boys who don’t have family or are in need of temporary shelter while going through the reconciliation/reunion with parent/family.
  • Salary for a part-time male staff to stay with the boys at the shelter at night.

Long-term goals:

  • Facilitate the return of boys to school
  • Provide high school education, college or university if possible
  • Establish potential practical training placement where future employment may be possible.
  • Establish a technical or trade skills center for the young men who may not be allowed back to regular schools
  • Establish a workshop that would provide job and business opportunity for the young men in the local community

Be the Change Foundation | Houston Flooding, Nepal Earthquake

Youngevity International’s (YGYI) Distributors & Customers Rally to Help Those in Need Through Youngevity Be the Change Foundation

$100,000 Funded Thus Far in 2015 to Various Causes

SAN DIEGO, CA–(Marketwired – Jun 8, 2015) –Youngevity International, Inc. (OTCQX: YGYI), a global direct marketer of nutritional and lifestyle products and also a vertically-integrated producer of gourmet coffees for the commercial, retail and direct sales channels, announced today that its charitable giving arm, Youngevity Be the Change Foundation has reached $100,000 in donations so far this year.


Youngevity Be the Change Foundation (“YBTC”), a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization granted $17,000 in total donations over the last 30 days to one of their supported charities, The American Red Cross. The YBTC Foundation responded with a donation three separate times to aid three unfortunate and tragic events that occurred last month. “Our distributors and customers so earnestly wanted to help the victims of the Nepal earthquake, the Texas and Oklahoma Spring tornadoes and storms, and the Houston flood victims, that they purchased record amounts of YBTC designated products during the month of May, which triggered record donations to the Foundation,” said Steve Wallach, Youngevity International’s CEO and a Youngevity Be The Change Foundation Board Member.

The YBTC Foundation was formed just 19 months ago in September 2013 and has responded to many tragic events including the Colorado flooding, Philippines typhoon, California Fires, Washington floods, and now the Nepal Earthquake, Texas and Oklahoma tornadoes, and Texas Flooding. The YBTC Foundation also supports, The Wounded Warrior Project, The Make-A-Wish Foundation, My Story Matters as well as the families working on Youngevity International’s own coffee plantation in Nicaragua where it has made living condition improvements including participation in the creation of a hydroelectric plant that produces green energy, and opening a school for the children of the families that work on the plantation.

At Youngevity International’s recent March convention the YBTC Foundation presented $10,000 checks to the Wounded Warrior Project, Make-a-Wish Foundation and to My Story Matters. In addition to the financial support, the Foundation just concluded a six month clothing and shoe drive for the workers, families, and children who live on Youngevity International’s coffee plantation in Nicaragua.


“Our Foundation is unique because it is funded primarily by the purchase of Youngevity products that are designated Youngevity Be The Change Foundation products, and whereby Youngevity International generously donates 100% of the profit from these purchases to the Foundation,” explained Lisa Briskie, affectionately known as “Sunshine” to her family and the hundreds of thousands of distributors and customers who support the Foundation where she volunteers as the Foundation Director. “Volunteering is a core tenet of the Foundation,” she added, referring to the many Youngevity employees and distributors who band together and generously donate their time.

Mrs. Briskie continued, “We feel it is important that the Foundation operate without payroll expense or staffing overhead so that the money generated from the purchase of products goes nearly in its entirety to the charities we support.”

There is a fine balance that exists between maximizing shareholder value and being socially responsible. We believe that the incremental revenue streams that we have created to fund the Youngevity Be the Change Foundation is an ideal model to reach this balance,” said Dave Briskie, President of the Youngevity Be the Change Foundation and CFO of Youngevity International.
Mr. Briskie continued, “We are proud of the overwhelming participation coming from employees, distributors and customers supporting the fine work of the YBTC Foundation and its charitable causes.”

About Youngevity International, Inc.

Youngevity International Inc., (OTCQX: YGYI) ( is a fast-growing, innovative, multi-dimensional company that offers a wide range of consumer products and services, primarily through person-to-person selling relationships that comprise a “network of networks.” The Company also is a vertically-integrated producer of the finest coffees for the commercial, retail and direct sales channels. The Company was formed after the merger of Youngevity Essential Life Sciences ( and Javalution Coffee Company in the summer of 2011, and changed its name to Youngevity International Inc. from AL International, Inc. in July 2013. For more information, visit or find us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter @youngevity

About Youngevity Be the Change Foundation
Youngevity Be the Change Foundation is the charitable giving arm of Youngevity International, Inc. Being The Change That is Needed In the World, the Gandhi quote that the Foundation took its name from, reaches beyond donating just money to its charities, it also encompasses coming together for the good of those in need in body, spirit and time and these actions are not scripted by the Foundation. The Foundation exists through the giving hearts of Youngevity’s employees, distributors, and customers. For more information about the Foundation or its charities, visit

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considersupportingtodaySupport the Foundation through our Products

By purchasing any of the Be the Change products, you will be supporting our wonderful causes with 100% of the proceeds going to the foundation. Each product was designed to show your support for this wonderful cause, letting others know that you are being the change we wish to see in the world.


For more information about the foundation, visit

Perfect Single Serve Coffee, Every Time!


Since their introduction, single serve coffee cups have become wildly popular amongst coffee drinkers around the globe. Before, if we didn’t want to brew a pot of coffee, we’d most likely stop by the local coffee shop for our daily cup of joe; this could become expensive for those of us stopping by daily. Fortunately, the introduction of single serve cups has drastically changed the coffee market. And now, with Youngevity’s Josie’s Java House Single Serve Cups, you will be able to enjoy the perfect cup of coffee at home; instantly.

At Youngevity International, through our wholly-owned subsidiary CLR Roasters, we have already been producing and selling some of best specialty coffee around the world. Plus, with the recent purchase of our own coffee plantation and processing facility, we can ensure that each coffee bean is strictly high-grown and harvested in way that does not damage the essence of each bean; field to cup. Shade-grown in the most isolated regions of the Nicaraguan rainforest, Youngevity is able to offer coffee that is Certified Organic, Rainforest Alliance Certified, and Fair Trade Certified®. The quality of the coffee doesn’t change when produced in single serve cups.

Roasted, ground, and packaged at our CLR Roasters facility, each single serve cup offers you this very same high-quality specialty coffee we know and love; we’ve simply made it easier for you to enjoy. Additionally, a portion of each purchase of Single Serve Cups goes to fund our esteemed Be The Change Foundation, which has already helped countless in need all over the world. With each Josie’s Java House variety, you’ll help those in need while enjoying Perfect Coffee, Every Time!


About CLR Roasters


Flavors Available:

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test-3-3 test-4-4

test-5-5 test-6-6

test-7-7 test-8-8

test-9-9 test-10-10

test-11-11 test-12-12


NEW Product Alert | Josie’s Java House K-Cups

AT LAST OUR K-Cup Single Serves are ready to go!

Taking Pre-Orders today – first come first serve on this very first run! Don’t miss your chance to be the first to order the new K-Cups!  All orders will ship June 1st 2015.

YES – they work in Keurig 2.0 machines!


Enjoy a perfect, single serve cup of freshly harvested Arabica coffee in a variety of flavors.  What better way to enjoy a variety of Josie’s Java House single serve coffee than through an assortment of flavors.

Each purchase of Josie’s Java House Single Serve Cup – 24 ct. variety box helps fund Youngevity’s Be The Change Foundation, with each cup of coffee you help change the lives of those in need.

Donut Shop (6 Cups):  Donut Shop is a combination of delicious, bold, smooth and well-rounded taste with a hint of bittersweet, citrusy taste that is temptation incarnated. Made with freshly harvested Arabica beans, Donut Shop is the perfect cup of coffee.

Breakfast Blend (6 Cups):  Breakfast Blend has a vibrant and lively taste blended with a citrus and brittle sweetness and body that will satisfy your palate and focus your mind. Made with freshly harvested Arabica beans, a cup of Breakfast Blend will get your morning off to a great start.

French Vanilla (6 Cups):  French Vanilla coffee is creamy and flawlessly balanced with a rich and mouth-watering vanilla flavor that will entice you daily. The sweet vanilla aroma and freshly harvested Arabica beans will add a nice boost to your cup of coffee.

Fair Trade Organic Medium (6 Cups):  Our freshly harvested Fair Trade Certified™ Organic Arabica medium coffee offer an exceptional flavor that delivers rich taste, and a warm, vibrant and full-bodied flavor.



Be the Change Foundation | Tornado Relief

—- A message from Sunshine Briskie, Director —-
“We at Youngevity Be The Change Foundation were deeply saddened and concerned for the victims of the tornado’s that ripped through many states Sunday, including Oklahoma and Texas. Because of your generosity and commitment to purchase designated BTC products, we are proud to be able to help our U.S. Family and the victims of these terrible storms. It is with pride and appreciation to all of you that we announce the following donation to the American Red Cross on your behalf.”


considersupportingtodaySupport the Foundation through our Products

By purchasing any of the Be the Change products, you will be supporting our wonderful causes with 100% of the proceeds going to the foundation. Each product was designed to show your support for this wonderful cause, letting others know that you are being the change we wish to see in the world.


For more information about the foundation, visit

Be the Change Foundation | Catching Up with Director, Sunshine Briskie

Q&A with Sunshine Briskie – Director, Be The Change Foundation

When Youngevity Be The Change Foundation was established, I don’t think anyone truly realized the impact that it would have in a little over a year. It began as doorway for all Youngevity members to give back and help the community should the need arise, and not long after the formation of the foundation was announced in May 2013, the need did arise in Oklahoma. That was just the beginning for Be the Change.

Now, Be The Change is making a huge impact in Nicaragua. We caught up with the foundation director Lisa “Sunshine” Briskie to find out.

When Youngevity purchased the plantation in Nicaragua last May, what was the initial goal?

When Youngevity purchased the 1,000 acre coffee plantation in the Nicaraguan Rainforest, the goal was to modernize the plantation to produce the best possible coffee, but this goal quickly changed upon realizing the need of the plantation workers and community. This Plantation is not just a business to the company, our commitment to modernization extends to the 180 Nicaraguan families that live on the plantation and the over 500 seasonal workers. The Be the Change Foundation seemed to be the perfect fit to this commitment.

What was the first mission upon realizing the need of the community?

When Youngevity took over the plantation, the school had been closed. There was no clean water or sanitation on the property and very little electricity. The buildings had started to fall apart and were unsafe.  This is where we’d have to start.

What improvements have you been able to make since purchasing the plantation?

In less than a year, through the Youngevity be the Change Foundation, we’ve been able to change so much…

We’ve already rebuilt many of the buildings; creating a vibrant happy community. We’ve added a hydro-electric plant to generate clean power. We’ve provided clean water and built sanitation facilities to support the families who live and work on the plantation.

And we’ve reopened the school, hiring the teachers and assistants. Now there’s even a day care facility to provide the children a safe and happy learning environment. For the first time, the plantation’s children can get up to a 6th grade education!

In what other ways has Be The Change helped the families of the plantation workers?

At the end of last year, we also held a shoe and clothing drive for not only the families living on the plantations, but also the surrounding communities. We had over two tons of new and used clothing donated!  That truly is a monumental outpouring of love from our distributors.

What are the future plans for the Be the Change Foundation?

In only the year and a half that the Foundation has been in existence, we have given over $100,000.00 in donations, in addition to thousands of products to communities in need – most notably the over 3000 people we fed through our Go Foods Typhoon Relief campaign last year.  This is only the beginning. We will continue to change lives through our RAK Days and, if need should arrive, we will be ready to help in any way we can. The foundation exists to serve and there is literally no overhead.  No fundraisers, golf tournaments or art auctions, either. We truly are different from any other charity.

Watch a short video about the Foundation’s work in Nicaragua.