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Home gardeners and commercial produce growers will be interested in Youngevity’s OMRI certified organic Bloomin Minerals. Learn how minerals and Liquid EFM help increase vegetable and produce yields: tomatoes by 215 percent; strawberries by 145 percent, green beans by 147 percent, apples by 128 percent, rice by 260 percent and soybeans by 270 percent.

As of March 31, 2015, Youngevity Minerals are now approved for Organic Livestock Production by the Organic Materials Review Institute!

Bloomin Minerals™ is a 100% natural humate soil conditioner and plant food containing up to 76 organically-bound earth elements. It contains no added binders or fillers.

Contains beneficial non-plant food ingredients:

  • 45% humic acids derived from humic shale origin.
  • Excellent for vegetables and fruits of all types
  • Reconditions soil
  • Promotes bioactivity and energizes soil
  • Great for shrubs, house plants, and fruit trees
  • Increase yields and nutrient density of fruits and vegetables

Performance features:

  • High organic matter and humic acid analysis
  • 76 major trace and rare earth minerals
  • Increases water retention and penetration
  • Improves soil physical characteristics

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DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Apply to established lawns and gardens at the rate of 12 lbs. per 1000 sq.ft. For new lawns or gardens, apply 12 lbs. per 1000 sq. ft. and mix or till into the soil before planting.

“Minerals in the soil control the metabolism in plants, animals and man. All life will either be healthy or unhealthy according to the fertility of the soil”
~ Nobel Prize Winner Alexis Carrell – 1912

Humic Shale

HumicShaleHumic shale” is a unique source of plant derived colloidal minerals. Humic shale originated from plants some 75 million years ago, those lush tropical plants took up the 60 plus metallic minerals available to them from a fertile soil that had as many as 84 minerals. The ancient soil was so rich with minerals that trees grew as much as 25 feet per year and the great brontosaurus attained a body weight of 140,000 lbs with a mouth no larger than that of a horse – the ability of the brontosaurus to attain such a bulk with so little a mouth meant he was consuming plants rich with concentrated mineral nutrients.

A volcanic eruption covered these mineral rich forests with a thin layer of mud and ash, thick enough to create an air-tight “vault” and dried or desiccated the plants into a deep accumulation of “hay”, but not deep enough or heavy enough to pressurize the dried plant material into coal or oil.

The entombed humic shale never fossilized or petrified, in other words they never became rocks – just compressed, dried, prehistoric “hay” that contains large amounts of plant derived colloidal minerals. Humic shale can be used as an excellent soil conditioner for organic gardens, farms and ranches as it supplies a rich source of humus and no less than 60 plant derived colloidal minerals.

Humic shale can also be ground into a fine plant flour and soaked for three to four weeks in filtered spring water until it reaches a specific gravity of 3.0, it then provides a high quality plant derived colloidal mineral supplement that contains 38 grams of plant derived minerals per liter.

It takes 78 pounds of humic shale to reach the concentration of 38 grams of colloidal minerals per liter; the 78 pounds of humic shale represents approximately 1034 pounds of lush prehistoric green mineral rich plants. The fluid extract of high grade humic shale contains no less than 60 plant derived colloidal minerals and is 98% available for animals and humans.

Excerpt: “Rare Earths Forbidden Cures” Dr Wallach

Bloomin Minerals for Livestock

Dave Mellor states, “I’ve had great results for years raising broilers on Blooming Minerals and also with show cattle and sheep at the county fairs. I give them 1 oz (1 Tbs) of Bloomin Minerals (granular not liquid) per 3 pounds of feed. That equates to 1 pound of Bloomin Minerals to 50 pounds of feed approx. or 1- 40 lb bag of Bloomin Minerals per ton (2000 lb) of feed.”

Ammonia levels in the chicken coop will be reduced because of the carbon content of the Bloomin Minerals as an added benefit. Based on some of the reports of producers using Bloomin Minerals you should see your hens produce more eggs and stay in production longer. Broilers will have faster rate of gain, reduced mortality rate and improved feed conversion ratio.

Beef Cattle should see faster rate of gain and better feed conversion ratios.

Dairy Cattle should see lowered somatic cell counts, better feed conversion ratios, some increase in milk production as well as improved weaning weights of the calf crop.

Liquid minerals LM32 concentrate is also available in 55 gallon drums to add to water supply injectors in large scale broiler and hen houses. That should be fed at 1 oz LM32 to 256 oz of H20 (1 oz to 2 gallons H20) for young animals and can be increased up to 1:128 for older animals depending on body weight based on Dave Mellor’s research over the last 7 years.

Another added benefit of using Bloomin Minerals in animal feeds is the carbon content:

  1. The carbon helps with ammonia levels in the manure and keeps the air in the barn/coop much lower in ammonia. This results in healthier animals and better production.
  2. By then composting the carbon and trace mineral rich litter/manure and working it into the soil you should see improved crop health and yield. You get TRIPLE use: first as a mineral feed supplement for animals and then second use the manure to compost and fertilize your soils. Third: The crops in theory should have higher mineral density which can be transferred to better taste and nutritional food for humans.

Bloomin Minerals for Gardens

For gardens, Youngevity Formulator & Chief Quality Control Officer Richard Renton recommends:

BLOOMING MINERALS: Can also be used for gardens. For animals, Richard recommends 1 cup per five to seven hundred pounds. Minerals should account for 2 percent of the feed by weight.

LiquidPlantRevitalizer2LIQUID EFM: At a cost of $9 per acre, profitability can be increased by $200 per acre

Humic shale can also be ground into a fine plant flour and soaked for three to four weeks in filtered spring water until it reaches a specific gravity of 3.0, it then provides a high quality plant derived colloidal mineral supplement that contains 38,000 milligrams of plant derived minerals per liter. This product is a potent nutritional supplement that is the basis for many of Youngevity’s multimineral and multivitamin products that are up to 98% absorbable.

This would be analogous to Olive Oil production, the first pressing of Olive Oil is the “extra virgin” quality is what would go to human nutritional supplementation products.

The leaching process is repeated and the “second pressing” is still full of organically bound plant derived minerals. This batch is not filtered as finely as the “extra virgin” first round, so it has all the minerals PLUS 6% Humic Acid. The resulting liquid product is a superior humate soil conditioner and plant food containing up to 76 organically-bound (plant derived) earth elements (minerals).

Liquid Bloomin Minerals are excellent for foliar applications for fruits, vegetables, house plants, and grasses.

Mix a ratio of 1:120 (1 oz. Bloomin Minerals to 120 oz of water) and foliar feed front and backs of leaves, buds and fruits with a sprayer, boom or other applicator.


It is important to foliar feed grasses, grains, fruit trees or vegetable plants when growing stage is:

1st: Immediately after germination for grains and vegetables and new leaf growth for fruit trees.
2nd: Just before flowering for vegetables and just before fruit appears on fruit trees.
3rd: Just before change of color of grains, fruits and vegetables.

For crops with multiple harvest times (i.e. tomato, cucumber, eggplant, etc..) the ideal frequency is every 15 days (twice a month), although some farmers use every 10 days for even better results.

For hay crops, apply 3 to 4 times per year. First 4″ to 6″ growth after cutting.


* Reduced rates available on pallet loads of 40b bags of Bloomin Minerals and large quantities of Liquid EFM. Contact me for current pallet load pricing and shipping costs.

Blake Graham and Richard Renton of Youngevity discuss Bloomin Minerals applications for gardening and animal nutrition.

  • ​Build Healthy Soil
  • Increases Water Retention
  • Grow Healthier Plants
  • Higher Yields
  • Better Tasting Fruits & Vegetables
  • Higher Nutritional Values

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