Essential Oils

Why are so many turning to essential oils?

essentialoilsMore and more, people everywhere are turning to essential oils in order to improve their health and quality of life. Youngevity’s Essential Oils provide you, your family and your household with benefits ranging from pain relief and better sleep patterns to a comforting home environment.

An essential oil is the fragrant life essence of a plant which has been gently extracted through the processes of steam distillation or expression. This oil is then cared for and handled in a way that protects its integrity. This purely extracted oil is then used to restore balance to the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual nature of the individual end consumer…YOU!

Uses of Essential Oils

Balance your mood. Clear your mind. Address minor pain and swelling. Aid your digestion. Disinfect your home naturally. Improve the quality of your relaxation time.  Feel energized and refreshed.  With Youngevity’s therapeutic essential oils, you and your family can have all of this, and more! The incredibly diversified uses of essential oils are too numerous to list. Experience the benefits for yourself with our Essential Results Now kit!

Download the Results Now Booklet

The Aroma Share Club

The Youngevity Aroma Share Club exists to bring you all the benefits of aromatherapy in an easy, economical package allowing you to truly experience the benefits of the products.

For $50 a month, you receive 2-4 oils, fun recipes to create using the oils, and training as well.  All you need to do is add Aroma Share to your autoship, and you’ll get the monthly oils, plus free shipping on your order.

I love the training, oils, and the inexpensive way, our oils specialists, Leiann King and Brenda Wright have established for us to ease into Essential Oils.  I also love that you can use the structure of the Aroma Share club and create a monthly event for distributors in your area, where you can get together, learn about these oils, and create, taste, and use the recipes right there.  Simply fantastic!

View this month’s Aroma Share Club

2016-01 AromaShareClub

Foundational Aromatherapy

Learn about Essential Oils from the experts.  This NEW and POPULAR book will be your best source of an overview and information on our Essential Oils.

‘Do you love Essential Oils? Do you want to know more? Then naturally this is the book for you!
Have you always dreamed of a simple and fun way of achieving your health goals? Learning how to use essential oils will be one of the most exciting and easy adventures you could ever embark upon!

Not knowing this information costs you! It costs you MONEY! It cost you in your RELATIONSHIPS ! And it costs you the CONFIDENCE required for SUCCESS in your health!

Order Foundational Aromatherapy

YGY Essential Oils Are

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