Are you capturing your memories but neglecting to preserve them?

Are you ready to do something with your pictures? This article, “The most photographed generation will have no pictures in 10 years”, spoke to me.

I’ve neglected the printing process the last few years and I am committed to doing something about it this year.

If you’re in the same boat as most of us…contact me…I can help you get started!

It’s a daunting task, but future generations will appreciate the time and effort we’ve taken to preserve their heritage. And let’s face it…how often do we get to really enjoy the memories we’ve captured when they are trapped in our electronic devices anyways?

Our little ones can’t flip through the photos on our phones or computers without our help, but they can certainly grab a book off the bookshelf, sit in our lap, ask questions about who’s in the photos, smile, laugh, and remember along with us!

There’s something magical that happens when a child picks up a book about them and their family. It captures their attention and they anxiously anticipate every turning page…that’s worth reliving as often as they want and better than any children’s book they could pick up.

My 4 year old son reminded me of this recently as he picked up a book I had created of our 2011 memories, which included pictures of him in his first year of life.

Adam and 2011 Memories-p001

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2011 is the only book I’ve completed — 4 more years of memories have been created since then.  I’ve snapped thousands of pictures on my phone and the DSLR, however, aside from a few of his baby pictures around the house and this completed book from 2011, they are only stored on my computer and I’ve done nothing more with them.  No recent pictures he can tangibly hold and look at when he wants to.  And let’s not forget the many years before 2011 that I haven’t done much with either…projects started and not completed.  My childhood, sitting, just waiting for stories to be told of who I was before I was my children’s mother, my struggles, my accomplishments, etc.  Our children will want to know who we were, what we were like as a child, things we did, etc.  It’s the same curiosity we have for our parents, grandparents and great-grandparents.  That curiosity is one of the things that remains the same with every generation.

However, thanks to that recent moment with my son, I now have the desire I once had a few years ago to get back to what I love, so that we not only we will have the memories to remember, but the books in which those memories are documented that we can look through together for years to come.

The task is worth it…

It’s time to get your photos off your electronic devices and into beautiful books where your family can enjoy them for generations to come!  With Heritage Makers, you can begin your projects with pre-designed professional templates and just drag-and-drop your pictures or start from scratch and let your creativity run wild!

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