Anthology by Lisa Bearnson | Sneak Peek #3

Before we jump into the sneak peeks…here’s a reminder – These products will only be available through a Youngevity distributor!

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Cards, cards, and more cards – your next Anthology Sneak Peek!

In this day of emails and electronic communication there’s nothing better than opening the mailbox to find a handmade card! Anthology by Lisa Bearnson is making it even easier to create cards to send for a variety of occasions.


These cards are from the Hangin’ Around Card Kit, available in September. Each design centers around items that are “hanging,” like the baby items on the clothesline, the balloons hovering in the air, and the birthday wishes attached to a tree limb. Cute, huh? And this is just a few of the designs you’ll find in this kit. It has supplies to create 20 cards in a variety of styles (with multiples of each style), plus envelopes, foam squares, and more. Plus, many of the embellishments are self-adhesive and the card bases are sturdy like ones you’d buy from a store. I’m pretty sure the adorable baby card with the onesies and teddy bear is my favorite and I already have someone in mind I’m going to give one to.


Inside each of us is a kid that loves to pop the bubble wrap, blow the paper off a straw, and shake things, especially when they have sparkly sequins in them. The cards in this Make & Shake Card Kit are as fun to make as they are to give! This kit also makes 20 cards in several designs (with multiples of each design) and includes envelopes, foam squares, and more. And just like the Hangin’ Around card kit, you’ll find adhesive-backed embellishments and sturdy card bases.

I loved filling the window with the sequins and seeing the card’s design come together with that one piece. And don’t forget to give the card a little shake, shake – you know you want to! As a side note, this kit is exclusive to the CEO kit so if you want to make and shake, you’ll need to buy the Anthology CEO kit!

Are you as excited as I am about these card kits? Remember, you’re not seeing everything, just a little peek at what you’ll find in these kits. Also, there are limited quantities of each kit, so once they are gone, they likely won’t be ordered again, so make sure you order your favorites as soon as they are available.

Have a fun and creative day and we’ll see you on Monday for the next installment of the Anthology sneak peeks!

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