Anthology by Lisa Bearnson | Sneak Peak #2

Oh my goodness!  I’m so excited to see more of this amazing product line!  Look at these awesome sneak peeks that we received today!!  Storage, kits, a leather bag to carry your supplies on the go and so much more!

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On Monday you saw the cardstock and album, but look at this fun packing for one of the card kits! You’re going to see in a minute that packaging plays an important role in the products from Anthology.


Lisa wanted packaging that was not only functional but looked great so you could have it out for easy access. The top right image shows two of the cute books that a few kits come in. The book spines look amazing on a shelf and when you open the lid, you’ll find all the kit’s contents. Plus, the lid is magnetized to ensure the contents stay inside when you pull it off the shelf.

The layout kits, shown in the lower left corner, include space to make notes about the photos, date, people and more that you want to use for the kit’s layouts. Brilliant!! These kits have labeled spines so you can quickly grab the kit you’re looking for from your shelf or other storage area (no need to check the front cover!).


These photos give you a closer look at one of the layout kits. When you’re baking, you use a recipe to know what ingredients to include, the baking time, etc. Well, the Anthology kits include recipe cards that show you the vision for the finished project as well as tips on how you can add your own personal touches. Ideas like adding stitching or tying twine around a photo are found on this recipe card. All the pieces for the 2-page layout are pre-cut so you can quickly create the layouts. But know that you can also customize to your heart’s content.


I’m sure you’ve noticed by now that the details are key for Anthology products. From the cute charm on the faux leather bag in the CEO kit to the labels on the boxes. Everything makes creating a pleasure and easy. Keep in mind, what you’re seeing today, and in the coming days, are just portions of the kits and products you’ll find in the Anthology by Lisa Bearnson line. We know it’s hard to wait, kind of like Christmas, but the wait will be worth it when you have your Anthology kit in your hands and can make a card, layout, or other paper crafting project that you’ll be proud to share.

Remember, Thursday, we’ll have another sneak peek. See you then!

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