$399 CEO SPECIAL through July 31st!!


Oh my gosh!! I’m so excited!! ALL CEO Mega Paks are $100 off (while supplies last) through July 31st! This is so exciting for anybody who wants to receive over $500 in product and give this Youngevity business a try! You have nothing to lose and EVERYTHING to gain, including $500+ in products!!!

These kits will sell out fast! Join this amazing winning team and become an entrepreneur for ONLY $399.99!!

AND new kits were added today!

Pictured below are just SOME of the CEO kits!

Browse all kits here:

Here’s just a few of the kits to choose from!

0004555_be-the-change-coffee-ceo-mega-pak_300 0004549_premium-spa-ceo-mega-pak_300 0003367_essential-oils-ceo-mega-pak_300 HMCEOKIT HealthBeautyCEOKit 0004556_on-the-go-ceo-mega-pak_300 0004370_healthy-start-ceo-mega-pak_3000003881_harmony-health-ceo-mega-pak_300

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