Lisa Bearnson Visits Mansfield Texas

I am beyond excited about the upcoming release of Anthology! The event I hosted recently is one I will treasure for a lifetime.  Having the opportunity to meet with Lisa Bearnson to hear her story first hand and to listen to her share her heart with us was so beautiful.

LisaBearnson_VisitingMansfieldI gained a BFF as a result of this amazing company and I am so humbled and honored to have been able to have this wonderful opportunity to spread the news about 90 for Life, scrapbooking and this once in a lifetime opportunity with others.

Lisa’s heart is so genuine. She truly cares about her customers/fans and the direction she is taking us! We shared laughter and we shared tears, but most of all we had a blast just hanging out with each other and sharing the wonderful products this company offers.

If you haven’t seriously considered looking into this company, either for the products they offer or for the amazing opportunity to join Team Lisa, I can’t stress enough what you’re missing. As another friend said, “Lisa is knocking this new product line out of the park.” It’s just a blessing that she’s sharing the opportunity to succeed with anybody who wants to join her!

Come along for the ride of a lifetime with us and enjoy the journey! Message me for more information!

Team Call with Lisa Bearnson
Lisa Bearnson participated in a team phone call to tell us, in her own words, why she partnered with Youngevity and what this means for her fans. Listen to this powerful call below:

Learn more or join_button2

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