Perfect Single Serve Coffee, Every Time!


Since their introduction, single serve coffee cups have become wildly popular amongst coffee drinkers around the globe. Before, if we didn’t want to brew a pot of coffee, we’d most likely stop by the local coffee shop for our daily cup of joe; this could become expensive for those of us stopping by daily. Fortunately, the introduction of single serve cups has drastically changed the coffee market. And now, with Youngevity’s Josie’s Java House Single Serve Cups, you will be able to enjoy the perfect cup of coffee at home; instantly.

At Youngevity International, through our wholly-owned subsidiary CLR Roasters, we have already been producing and selling some of best specialty coffee around the world. Plus, with the recent purchase of our own coffee plantation and processing facility, we can ensure that each coffee bean is strictly high-grown and harvested in way that does not damage the essence of each bean; field to cup. Shade-grown in the most isolated regions of the Nicaraguan rainforest, Youngevity is able to offer coffee that is Certified Organic, Rainforest Alliance Certified, and Fair Trade Certified®. The quality of the coffee doesn’t change when produced in single serve cups.

Roasted, ground, and packaged at our CLR Roasters facility, each single serve cup offers you this very same high-quality specialty coffee we know and love; we’ve simply made it easier for you to enjoy. Additionally, a portion of each purchase of Single Serve Cups goes to fund our esteemed Be The Change Foundation, which has already helped countless in need all over the world. With each Josie’s Java House variety, you’ll help those in need while enjoying Perfect Coffee, Every Time!


About CLR Roasters


Flavors Available:

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test-3-3 test-4-4

test-5-5 test-6-6

test-7-7 test-8-8

test-9-9 test-10-10

test-11-11 test-12-12


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