NEW Product Alert | Josie’s Java House K-Cups

AT LAST OUR K-Cup Single Serves are ready to go!

Taking Pre-Orders today – first come first serve on this very first run! Don’t miss your chance to be the first to order the new K-Cups!  All orders will ship June 1st 2015.

YES – they work in Keurig 2.0 machines!


Enjoy a perfect, single serve cup of freshly harvested Arabica coffee in a variety of flavors.  What better way to enjoy a variety of Josie’s Java House single serve coffee than through an assortment of flavors.

Each purchase of Josie’s Java House Single Serve Cup – 24 ct. variety box helps fund Youngevity’s Be The Change Foundation, with each cup of coffee you help change the lives of those in need.

Donut Shop (6 Cups):  Donut Shop is a combination of delicious, bold, smooth and well-rounded taste with a hint of bittersweet, citrusy taste that is temptation incarnated. Made with freshly harvested Arabica beans, Donut Shop is the perfect cup of coffee.

Breakfast Blend (6 Cups):  Breakfast Blend has a vibrant and lively taste blended with a citrus and brittle sweetness and body that will satisfy your palate and focus your mind. Made with freshly harvested Arabica beans, a cup of Breakfast Blend will get your morning off to a great start.

French Vanilla (6 Cups):  French Vanilla coffee is creamy and flawlessly balanced with a rich and mouth-watering vanilla flavor that will entice you daily. The sweet vanilla aroma and freshly harvested Arabica beans will add a nice boost to your cup of coffee.

Fair Trade Organic Medium (6 Cups):  Our freshly harvested Fair Trade Certified™ Organic Arabica medium coffee offer an exceptional flavor that delivers rich taste, and a warm, vibrant and full-bodied flavor.



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